Stark Low E

energy-saving double glazing windows

Thanks to modern technologies, it was possible to create glasses with an almost invisible nanocoating that provide a high degree of energy saving. In Stark LowE double-glazed windows, such glasses are used that prevent heat outflow when installed in windows. The heat received from the heaters, touching the special coating of glass, pushes back inside. It works especially well during the winter months when there is a big difference between outside and inside temperature. Compared with ordinary double-glazed windows, heat is stored inside twice as much, resulting in significantly reduced heating costs. It is also possible to use low-density plastic separation circuits to provide a higher level of heat saving, and fill the interglass space with inert gas — Argon. 

•    The high degree of heat economy
•    Reduced heating costs
•    High coefficient of light transmission 
•    Reduced risk of condensation 

Glasses are equipped with the following features

High translucency

The high degree of heat economy

Reduced risk of condensation

Reduced heating costs

IGU type 4-16Ar-4i


Light trasmittance LT%


Solar Factor SF %


Thermal resistance Ro (m2K/w)


Thermal transmittance Ug(w/m2K)


Sound reduction index Rw%