Heat protection

As you know, most of the utility costs arise as a result of the continuous operation of the cooling and ventilation systems of buildings in the summer. Stark Helios double-glazed windows in parallel with providing a favorable thermal environment inside also reduce the costs of this type. This is due to the special sun glass, which allows the penetration of sunlight, but reflects most of the thermal energy received from the sun.  As a result, the inside turns out to be a brighter and cooler environment than would be the case with a conventional double-glazed windows. These double-glazed windows are both colorless and tint, which makes it possible to give the building a unique and harmonious look.
Stark Helios Double glazing have the following qualities: 
•    Protection from scorching sunlight
•    Reduced cooling costs
•    Reflection of harmful UV radiation
•    Beautiful exterior view (specularity)
•    Ability to select the shades

Glasses are equipped with the following features

Protection from sunshine rays

Reflection of UV harmful radiation

Beautiful exterior view

Ability to select the shades

Reduced risk of condensation

Reduced cooling costs

IGU type 6k-16Ar-4


Light trasmittance LT%


Solar Factor SF %


Thermal resistance Ro(m2K/w)


Thermal transmittance Ug(w/m2K)


Sound reduction index Rw%