Stark X2

it is cool in summer and warm in winter

In the STARK x2 double-glazed windows, there are two functions at the same time: sun protection and heat saving, and for this reason they are called multifunctional double-glazed windows. This combination became possible by the introduction of a number of innovative technologies in the field of glass production.  If before the glass was only sunscreen or only with a heat-efficient coating, now these two coatings are already on the same glass. As a result, these double-glazed windows protect from the scorching sun in summer, and in winter they protect the heat inside the room.Thanks to these qualities, cooling costs are reduced in the summer months, and heating costs in the winter months. Thus, STARK x2 double glazing makes sunlight softer and provides a balanced thermal environment all year round. The highest results can be achieved in the case of using argon gas and “warm edge” dividing profiles. 

Double-glazed windows of mark of  Stark X2 have a number of advantages:
•    protection from scorching sunlight
•    High degree of heat saving
•    Reduced heating and cooling costs
•    Reflection of UV harmful radiation ( 90%)
•    High coefficient of translucency
•    Beautiful exterior view (low specularity)                                       
•    Reduced risk of condensation

Glasses are equipped with the following features

High translucency

Reduced heating and cooling costs

The high degree of heat economy

Beautiful exterior view

Reduced risk of condensation

Reflection of UV harmful radiation

Protection from sunshine rays

IGU type 4М-16Ar-4


Light trasmittance LT%


Solar Factor SF %


Thermal resistance Ro (m2K/w)


Thermal transmittance Ug(w/m2K)


Sound reduction index Rw%