Stark – warm, silent, safe

The modern world is moving towards the introduction of technologies for the production of energy-saving products. In any field, energy efficiency indicators play a crucial role in the selection of goods. In parallel with the growth of payments for utilities, energy saving is becoming more popular in the construction industry. People are beginning to look for ways to reduce these costs by applying more energy-saving solutions.

Creating the Stark trademark we have provided an important place for the production of energy-saving products in accordance with international standards. Our products are designed to meet the growing demands of our customers with regard to energy-saving glazing. 
The Stark trademark combines a wide range of high-quality double-glazed windows, each of which adds additional features to windows. Stark Double glazing make windows: 

  • heat-saving
  • sunscreen
  • safety
  • soundproofing
  • beautiful
What is the double-glazed window?

Double-glazed window is one of the main modern glass structures. It is a hermetic part of the window, consisting of two or more glasses, which are separated by separating contour. Double-glazed windows are responsible for improving the heat transfer of window.  
One of the important features of the double-glazed windows is also tightness, which eliminates the penetration of dust or moisture. Tightness caused by primary and secondary hermetic layers in the pane.
Depending on the window structure, double-glazed windows may have several different cabins and be filled not only with air, but also with inert gas having a lower thermal conductivity. 
It must be remembered that about 80% of the total area of the windows is double-glazed windows, for this reason the choice of the correct and high-quality double-glazed windows is no less important than the choice of profiles and adjacent structures in the choice of windows.
Double-glazed windows are made in manual and automated ways.Double-glazed windows are quite complex, glass structures created from different components. For this reason, double-glazed windows made by hand are mainly of poor quality (poor tightness, incomplete cleanliness of glasses, the use of low-quality materials, etc.). The manufacture of double-glazed windows by an automated method provides high-quality features, two-degree tightness, perfect cleanliness of glasses, accurate size and durability.

Stark double-glazed windows are made with an automated method using the latest technology. Our company is armed with high-quality equipment provided for the production of double-glazed windows, which makes it possible to obtain high-quality products. Only high-quality complementary materials are used that meet European standards.

Studying the features of our country, climatic conditions, as well as customer requirements, we created the STARK trademark, which includes the following products:
STARK GLASS  –  standard double-glazed windows
STARK LowE – heat-saving double-glazed windows
STARK SOLAR – sunscreen double-glazed windows
STARK X2 – multifunctional double-glazed windows
STARK DIAMOND – double-glazed windows of premium class
STARK SILENCE – soundproof double-glazed windows
STARK ART decorative double-glazed windows
STARK SAFE  - safe double-glazed windows